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Gay Burglars, Lucille Ball, Buddhist Carpenters, and Karen Carpenter
Don’t I Know You?

Taylor Negron...

You see him everywhere. He’s the sort of omnipresent actor that when you see in the flesh, you get a nagging feeling that you have met him somewhere before. Is he the funny guy you ride the elevator with every day? Is he the guy behind the counter at your corner Deli you get your coffee from? Is he a forgotten High School pal you had a major crush on?

Maybe, if you went to Ridgemont High.

If you ever wanted that head scratching feeling and at the same time to be entertained and delighted with some of the most interesting stories (both in delivery and content), go see Satellites. It is a new workshop performance of stories by Taylor Negron with musical accompaniment by singer/songwriter Logan Heftel. (It’s also directed by David Schweizer; we love him too!)

The performance floats between Intelligent Comedy and Meat & Potatoes Philosophy but firmly lands somewhere in the middle.

Taylor is a talented storyteller and it’s a pleasure to listen to his absorbing life stories, that sound like the beginning of a classic joke you just haven’t heard yet. There’s one about the Buddhist Carpenter.... There’s the one about Lucille Ball and the Optometrist.... There’s the one about Gay Burglar on crystal meth.

In between the tales are songs by Logan Heftel. His short lyrical pieces work as a bridge between the stories and ideas, but also reenforce the show’s broader concepts. Like a pallet cleanser with calories.

The show is still in a workshop mode and there are only a few more performances in New York; but no fear, it will be back again the the Fall. Go ahead and see it now. Don’t you want to be the one who can say, “Oh yeah, I saw that months ago”.

Bonus Points:
Name the Opera David Schweizer directed at New York City Opera.

Review by AndrewAndrew.