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Logan Heftel -

Hawaiian-born Logan Heftel has burst into the Los Angeles music scene and is proving himself to be an artist with a refreshing sound that everyone can fall in love with.

Heftel's debut album, "If It Does" (2005), was a highly-praised mix of inventive folk-pop and musing ballads. Recorded at both Black Coffee Recording (Spokane, WA) and in his home studio, "If It Does" was called "...one of the best independent releases that I have heard," by David Rachac of howwastheshow.com.

Heftel has been working non-stop writing and performing. His new album, "One Day E.P." captures a sincere moment in a sarcastic world. It shares Heftel's humor and sentiment while exhibiting his "...gift for writing lyrics that probe the soul," (Jack McNally, co-founder of McNally Smith College of Music). The E.P. was produced by pianist Louis Durra, who accompanies Heftel on the tracks.

In addition to his solo performances, Logan recently began a collaboration with comedian Taylor Negron in 'The Unbearable Lightness of Being Taylor Negron' - an invocation of human-voice and original music. 'The Unbearable Lightness' has been touring all over the country and has even made appearances across the globe.

"It is rare for an artist who is so early in his career to merge thoughtful songwriting, guitar playing and singing into such a professional package, and do it with seemingly little effort. Just a few seconds into his first song, I was amazed at how complete his live performance was...and he played harmonica with an impressive mixture of facile speed and restraint."
- David Rachac, howwastheshow.com

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