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Taylor Negron -
"I thought movie stars came from clams..."

An accomplished actor, comedian, and playwright, Taylor wrote the critically-acclaimed Gangster Planet, a four-character play about the Los Angeles Riots. It was performed at the World Theater in 1992 and was revived in 2002 at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood.

Taylor continued his long time collaboration with director David Schweizer, in 2007 when he wrote Jack and Jackie at the Fountain, which was performed in Schweizer's presentaion of Versailles at the University of Iowa.

Taylor wrote Latin Sol, a song and rhythm revival and under Schweizer's direction and the show broke records at the Sands Hotel in Atlantic City.

Le canard Gris, Negron’s new play is a murder mystery set in the Italian Rivera, and is now being work-shopped in Los Angeles. Satellites was performed at the 2007 Edinburgh Theatre Festival with the original music of violin virtuoso Lili Hayden and Louis Durra on piano and was originally presented as Remade as Fiction by Cedering Fox’s WordTheater in the spring of 2007.

One of the stories from this show, "Tuesdays with Lucy," appears in the anthology Love, West Hollywood: Reflections of Los Angeles. (Alyson, 2008), edited by Chris Freeman and James J. Berg.

Taylor wrote the afterward to UNDER THE RAINBOW: An Intimate Memoir of Judy Garland, Rock Hudson and My Life in Old Hollywood, by John Carlyle and is a regular contributor to Jill Solloway's 'Sit and Spin' and Hillary Carlip's online magazine 'Fresh Yarns.'

Taylor Negron has starred in his own HBO special, has appeared on The Tonight Show, and in such films as Stuart Little, The Last Boy Scout, Angels in the Outfield, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, The Aristocrats, and the stand-up performance Epic Punchline with Sally Field and Tom Hanks. Recent TV appearances include Curb Your Enthusiasm and Reno 911.

He performs regularly across the United States and is one of the founding members of the Un-Cabaret - dubbed "The Mother Show of Alternative Comedy" by the Wall Street Journal.

Negron was honored with the distinction of being asked to teach one of the first comedy courses offered at UCLA.

You can read Taylor's writing on The Huffington Post as well as 236.com.