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Satellites -
"Beautiful, fluid, evocative and compelling..."

The underlying theme of this spellbinding hour seems to be Nietzschean - "that which does not destroy me makes me strong". And if that doesn't sound like out-and-out comedy, then that is good. Because the show is not out-and-out comedy. It is a mix of music, storytelling and comedy.

The centre of the myriad orbits that the stories in this show describe is Taylor Negron. He is a writer, stage and movie actor, comedian and a storyteller to whom I could listen for the rest of my life. His writing is beautiful, fluid, evocative and compelling, and his delivery matches it perfectly. Negron has a way of letting you feel the whole drama of every story he tells. If there is one performance I have seen that epitomizes the phrase "less is more", it is Negron's.

Lili Haydn, a gorgeous brunette, all tumbling curls, passionate violin and soft-rock diva vocals, is also a wonderfully powerful performer but I preferred the parts of the show where her violin and occasional voice were a haunting counterpoint to Negron's storytelling than when she took the stage alone.

Negron's stories reveal the other "satellites" he has collided with in his time and the ways in which they affected him, shifted his orbit. This is the kind of performance you can float on for an hour without even noticing time passing, and the kind of performer who reminds you what "presence" is.

Review by Kate Copstick of The Scotsman